mandag den 6. marts 2017

Getting closer to Res Waveborn

Res Waveborn and Rebel Nature has taken a new small but very important step on  the long journey toward the "movie" dream. Thanks to the dedicated crew. This is what a reallife adventure should feel like.

Here you see Res around 8 years old. She has to find a new meaning of the word human since she is the only one around.

"I'm told I'm human, whatever that means?"

fredag den 24. februar 2017

A Rebel Nature leap of faith

Creating the new RebelNature story universe and launching the startup feels a lot like taking a "leap of faith", jumping into the unknown. You have to believe in the future and the survival skills you have learned through the years. One thing is certain, it is not going to be easy or routine.

RebelNature concept drawing of Mutated Brittlestar emerging from the deep

I you wonder what effect the plastic pollution of the oceans has on the marine life then meet this new mutated gadget wearing brittlestar, crawling up the metal leg of RIG21 in the Rebel Nature universe.

Sadly there is plenty of food for this new specie and it is just a taste of what is happening deeper down. This is not a "bad-guy" in the common sense. It is evolution mixed with human waste and technology.

tirsdag den 23. august 2016

Strange living rocks

Nature mixed with technology turns unpredictable in #RebelNature. This is evolution on speed and the new species that appears take new shapes.

fredag den 19. august 2016

RebelNature concept teaser - Mood video from the new story universe

Link to RebelNature concept teaser 2016
Get a sneak peek into the #RebelNature story and universe through this concept and mood teaser. It gives glimpses of many aspects of this developing IP and it may raise more questions than it gives answers but that is actually the purpose. Dive in, enjoy and share if you like.
The music and voices are taken from the upcoming app game "Escape RIG21" and the track is made by Mikkel Maltha of #Cryoshell

Meet the lead character Res Waveborn

The lead character of RebelNature is a young girl called Res Waveborn. Named by her "father" robot #Scraper.
She came from the sea so she is Waveborn.

She has a very significant childhood that sets her apart from every other human on earth. 
#RebelNature is a personal story and journey, of a girl who grows up in the most unusual of all places with the most unusual foster parent. 

RebelNature will unfold as #Res chases the truth and reveal the state of the world.

mandag den 15. august 2016

Why RebelNature?

The mission with this project is to use many years of commercial and creative skills to create a different story to tell kids, the youth of this generation and hopefully their children.

An epic story not borne out of the desire for greater profits but from a fundamental belief that 
stories can shape the future one small step at a time.

A story that does not preach or moralise because we are all part of the problem but maybe also the solution.

A story about taking action while you can and have the ability.

A story that intends to become fully CSR certified and support environmental projects.

We hope to switch on the Rebel Nature in the audience and make everybody understand that it is personal action that changes things. 
This project is an attempt to prove exactly that.